Anything for an Instagram post 

In this day, and in this age we all do this. We want to have the best Instagrams with the perfect photo. I know, I did it too. 

I posted something everyday because I felt that if I didn’t I would be forgot about, and that no one would care about me anymore. Instagram use to be a game to me. I would be on it 24/7.  All I wanted was more and more followers. I wanted more and more likes. I didn’t even post photos that were me most the time. ( well all the photos are of me, they just don’t represent my personality)  I spent so much money, about $500 a month, on new clothes for my blog, new nails, I needed the perfect camera, and lighting. 

I remember one time, I made my boyfriend travel up to 4 hours in the car, just to take a photo of my somewhere, so it looked like I traveled. 

About 2 months ago, I gave it all up, the money, I saved it instead. I didn’t post on Instagram. I didn’t write a blog. 

I wanted to be on top, and have 1 million followers, and back then I would have done anything to do it. 

Seeing the light. 

I did, sounds cheesey I know!!

However, once you stop caring about what people think of you, and you stop spending money you don’t have to impress someone you’ll never meet, only for a second. One second, they double tap, and move on. They will never think about your photo or your life ever again. 

Did you know that likes’ are like a drug


I didn’t know either. 

I was watching the news story, You can find it on, but it was telling us that posting a photo and getting a shot ton of likes, and getting more and more likes everytime, it sets off the same chemicals in our brain as running a 5k, we feel energy, happiness, we want more and more, and we don’t even know why, but it will only make you happy for a moment, then it’s gone. 
Hope you enjoyed this read, this is only the start of the series to me journey to a new and better life. Next story. How and why I saved $1,000 a month, To live a better life. 


Mercedes W

Instagram: mercedeslwalker

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