My journey to a better me. 

I work in retail, and Christmas is coming soon. You know you just love Christmas until you have to work on it, until it’s THE busiest time on the year. 

I didn’t think of myself as much a few months ago, I posted things on Instagram everyday be I liked the likes. I didn’t work out, and I complained. I kept seeing what other people had on Instagram, and this one photo made me crave their lives.  Just one photo. It’s embarrassing to admit but I wanted that. I wanted people to look at my photos and want to have everything I had, and want to be me. 

I took time off from posting for a few months, I even stepped away from the blog. I was obsessed with my blog, but I put it down. To find myself. 
This story will be a total of many blogs. 

How I met, and found the love of my life in high school, 

Getting control of my debt. 

Building the body I want. 

Stress free life. 

Money don’t buy happiness. 

And much more. 
I will be showing you how exactly what I did, to get out of debt, and stay out. I even build a safe little emergency fund. 

I’ll be showing you how to love your husband better. 

What I did, and what I ate to lose lbs keep them off and love my body. 

And last but not least, how to live and love a stress less life throught Christ. Things are going to be stressful but not when you have some one like Christ on you’re side. 

And if I haven’t board you, already stay to for  fashion on a strict budget. 
Love you all. 

I hope to inspire with my new look on things. 

Xo- Mercedes W 
Follow me on Instagram for all the updates and actions. @mercedeslwalker 

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