Dressing down my “boyfriend shirt”

Today is nothing but a rainy day, I just want to say in bed all day, But of course I have too much to do. It being my only day off.

Get hair and nails done.

Car need to go be detailed, and of course the shopping of the food. Grocery shopping just sounds old ladyish, and I’m 22, so I changed the name, same story, different name.

I’m actually wearing this shirt right now, with these jeans, and some converse to reinvent. But is raining all day here in Florida. Heels are not an option in this weather.



This look was just so beautiful to me, I love they way it was so comfortable, deff something I would love to wear everyday if that wasnt weird.

I Paired this light pink and striped off the sholder boyfriend shirt, with a pair od rolled up destroyed denim jeans, and a classic pair of studded white pumps, Just to add a dash of sparkel I added this perfectly matching Kate Spade gold glitter clutch.

This look went together effortlesly. I just loved they way it turned out.

To add an tad extra splash of color I added thess earings I found at TJMaxx. For 12.99!!!


These shoes are so beautiful, But I have personaly never met a pair of shoes that I didn’t like. They are all beautiful in their own way.

Outfit: This out fit was bought at TJMAXX for under $50

TJMaxx.com  See what you can find, I know it will be Great.


Love always -Mercedes

xo- Sayso.


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