Oh My Spring is in the air.

Oh my, and what a week. It’s been crazy, The power steering on my car went out, just went out while i was driving, It was so scary. I could not drive it I just wasn’t strong enough. We are getting it fixed now, but I miss my car. The coffee maker decided it was mad at me, and it wasn’t going to brew my coffee anymore, rude. Easy fix by a new one. However I am not made of money I’m in college so buying a new one just gets to be put on the list, after the car. Don’t worry I’m not turning into a monster, I have a old 12 cup drip coffee pot I’m working with. Which actually is cheaper in the store, and cheaper to make your coffee. The drip coffee pot does make me end up drinking way more coffee tho, Which is why I am not rambling. Yay!!

What’s your favorite coffee? Or coffee order from Starbucks?


Lets talk fashion, because that is what you are all here for.

This look was so fun to make,. I never do much fun and colorful stuff like this, and I don’t really know why, cause I loved it!


These pants I got from Tj Maxx and I have had them in my closet for years. With the tags still on them.  I couldn’t think of anything that would go with these pants, and I forgot they were there. I went shopping an found these yellow shoes, and I thought to myself wouldn’t these be so perfect with some white pants, I remember buying them at this point, but I didn’t know if I still had them. I knew if i did though they would go with this shirt. This look is extremely simple, and is so spring ready. Fun, dressy casual. and we all know street style is my favorite.

DSCN1338DSCN1326DSCN1329 Outfit was bought at

Shirt: Ross.

Pants: Tjmaxx

Shoes: Bells Outlet.

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Thank so much for reading. Is there anything you want to see me style? Leave a comment below.

Love you

xo- Sayso.


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