Bubble Gum Pink.

One day I posted some photos on Instagram, It was just a silly shoot that me and my friend did. It was fun, and we wanted something free to do out of the house. So we went downtown with some props, and just started taking photos around the buildings. Later that day I got the courage to post them to Instagram, my anxiety was like, NOO!! I did it anyway. That’s when it happen, that is how this blog you are reading now got started. When I was little I could not afford many clothes, I had hand-me-downs from my older sister. I use to love to go shopping with my sister and help her pick stuff out because I knew soon it would be mine. I always knew that I loved to write it was my favorite time in class, and when I got home from school, I would spend time on the computer shopping from several website and putting outfits together on word-perfect. Short story of my life there.


Today’s look it almost all forever 21. They have the best stuff.


When I found this dress at forever 21 for $15 I was obsessed, and at the same time I know exactly what I wanted to do with it, This outfit spoke to me the second I saw it. I paired mine with Forever 21 leggings, and a black bra. My shows are so comfortable too. I got them from  H&M a while ago, If they don’t have them on the site anymore I will link something different below.


|| Bubble gum dress. ||Leggings. ||Bralette. || Sliver Loafers. ||Choker. ||


“You look like a unicorn princess.”

Unicorn princess? I felt like one too!! Thanks so much for reading, and follow me on all my socials.

xo- Fashion say so.

-Mercedes Walker.

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