Yes, again. Leather!

DSCN0687DSCN0590Wow! It has been such and crazy week, and its still not over. I have much more to do! That song that comes on, all I do is work work work work work work. That’s me lol.

You know its early just me sitting her enjoying my Joe. Funny, that is the actual name of my K cups, Joe!! Speaking on coffee did anyone get to try the $5 unicorn drink from Starbucks? When I went to get one, everyone was out. Disappointing, right? It was probably better off that I didn’t so much sugar for such a little drink. Tho the colors are what got my attention, and the fact that it was called the unicorn! Duh.

The Title of the blog is just as it is, Leather, and white again. This time in short form. LEATHER  SHORTS. Yep!! even here in Florida, where its basically too hot to wear anything but a bathing suite, I managed to pull off leather. It was 100 degrees when I got in my car yesterday, and Its barley May. It’s suppose to rain tonight, That will cool us down for a few days. Hopefully!!!



This Look was inspired by this shirt, and these shorts. The shoes on the other had were comfortable. This look is when I first got into posting photos on Instagram, I have always been into fashion, I just didn’t know much about blogging and posting, I still don’t. But I’m going to wing it!! DSCN0648

For me. The space buns I got  going on did everything for this look. I love the way they look with just about anything. I Have thin hair, and it kinda hard to get these perfect, In fact they are not. But I love them anyway.


Laughing at the joke it is to graduate, and know what you wanna be in life, Cause I have no clue, Blogging seems fun. Maybe I can see where this road takes me, Paid or not (so far, Not) I love it. Its fun and lets me be who I really wanna be. Not whom the world or my college thinks I should be.

“Every success story starts with a dreamer.” 


This Look is about 30 Years old,  I will do my best to find the closes things I can, However The OG shirt and Sweater are from my grandmother closet (shes still alive, Shes just coming into that style.) I actually had to cut the shoulder pads out of both of them.

The shorts, I got at Platos closet. We all know we love that place.

As for these wonderful shoes, ROSS. (don’t tell Tjmaxx)

White Lace top.

Leather shorts.




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