“It’s all about the leather with you.”

Good Morning babes, Or where ever you are, here like usual, it’s 6 a.m. Something I just love so much about getting up early, having my coffee and sitting out side listing to the birds chirp. Relaxing day.

“It’s all about the leather with you, Isn’t it.” – Aaron Herlong (Photographer)

It really is, I love the look of it, and the smell. Leather is something you can dress up or down. Perfect.

I was watching was watching “Working Girl.” the other day with Aaron, Hes never see it, I have. In the middle of the movie I caught myself thinking wouldn’t that be the dream. Work hard have a big Idea and everything to show for it, It shows you working hard towards your dreams is what we need sometimes. We gotta cut strings to make it, Those people the hold you down or hold you back from your dreams, distance yourself. You need to never look back and say “I wish i just would have.” Do you boo, and everything in you’re life will fall into place.  Follow my 3 don’ts.

  • DON’T give up. if it’s something you want its going to take time. Stay focused on the goal.
  • DON’T Back down. You have you’re back, and in this world it’s always going to be you.
  • DON’T lie. The truth will set you free, is the truth. You always need to tell the truth, don’t get caught up in a lie you can’t get yourself out of.



Something about black leather pants,  a white t-shirt, and bright red lips, that will never go out of style. -Mercedes walker


It all happen so fast, I don’t even remember trying this outfit on for a blog post, I just looked up and I was shooting.

The morning of Sunday I planned a shoot, and I woke up late. But I had to get it done that morning, I had way to much to do for the rest of the time.

I work up and did my hair and make up so fast, but it looked so good. On my lips is my Zac Posen , MAC lipstick in the color dragonfly. Such a beautiful red lipstick that actually stays on you’re lips.



Believe it or not, these shoes from, FH shoes are the most comfortable heels I have in my closet, and my highest.



Leather Leggins

White Shirt


Zac Posen lipstick


Thanks for stopping by, I hope your finding everything you are looking for.

xo- Fashion say so.

Mercedes Walker.

For updates on all things life, Follow me on Instagram @walkerlmercedes

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