Hot days, Polka Dot Haze…

Its already 90 degrees here in good ole Florida, and we have been breaking out the spring wear, and stripping down the layers since January. When you live in Florida, you never have to worry about the little things, like

  • Cleaning the closet for winter time.
  • Getting out the heavy coats (cause you have none.)
  • Or letting your car warm up on a cold day. Usually we let it cool down before we get in it on a hot day.

Living in Florida is great if you like death worthy heat 10 out of 12 months a year.

Polka dots make me feel so girly.” -Modaprints writer Alena Gidenko

These words suck with me as a went to find a new outfit to post on the page, All of a sudden all I wanted was polka dots. I love feeling girly, and dressing up is an everyday thing.


The off the shoulder tank top dress, was so cute from Marshall’s,  I just had to have it. I didn’t think twice when I snap chatted a photo of it to all my friends and they all said “heck yes girl, get that dress.” and holding a price tag of $14 you better believe it had to be mine. I do a lot of shopping at TJ,Maxx,  Marshall’s, and HomeGoods. This was one of the best finds yet.



I paired my polka dot dress, with a pair of black heels, lightly studded boots from Report shoes.

The heel, makes the dress feel more girly, and I have never seen or owned a more cute yet cozy pair of shoes.

These shoes come with a price tag of $29. Very well worth it report.


The back of the dress is just as stunning and simple as the front. The black boots match perfectly.

(Not Pictured)

A simple pair of blue tone earrings to tie the whole look together. It adds a pop of color that is too fun and too simple to pass up.

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Mercedes W.


  1. I love your polka dot dress, it’s really pretty and chic but at the same time it looks so comfy!! I don’t have anything with dots in my closet, I really need to get some nice pieces like your dress! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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