Save money on the winter wardrobe, Buy now.

Ever wonder how you can do it all and stay ahead but stay there on a budget.


It’s just going to take a little bit of planning, But stay with me now, you can do it.

Most simple thing you can possibly think of.

The date and time, where sales are your friend, and the word clearance is what we search for at first glance in a store, Be 22 and in college we love the cheap clothes and we want a lot of different styles. For us that are almost too broke to even pay attention in class, have I got some news for you.

You CAN afford those hot new styles,

It WONT break your bank.

Buy that new “winter ” wardrobe RIGHT NOW,  that’s right, right now,

The clearance  section of any store right now is loaded down with, Sweaters, 95% off and boot, jeans, scarves, hats, and all your winter accessories, for 95% off. Your read that right 95% off.

The biggest tip I do have though is going into the store will always get you a better deal, rather than going online.

Store that have the best sales.

Forever 21

Wet seal, (careful to some misleading advertising)

H&M (personal fave)

and more.

Get the best deals now, break out those cards, and hit the malls.

Stock up your closet.

Thanks for your read.

Love, Mercedes W.

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