Casual In Leather

In my small town, you can not convince people with the bible, that leather is casual. Leather is one of those things you wear to the rodeo, or the bikers in the bar the next town over wear to look tough, but on this Sunday, while the streets are quite. I am breaking the rules.

Rule one; Slept till 10:00am

Rule two: Missed church.



Most of the attention I am trying to draw to the jacket I am wearing. (Bagatelle) brand of leather is my favorite jacket I own. The colorful (Calvin Klein) scarf I have paired with it just goes so, and to top off the look for today, my (brand new) Zac Posen handbag.


Jacket: Bagatelle 39.99

handbag: Zac Posen. 625.00

Jeans: Hollister 20.00

White basic: Romeo and Juliet 24.00

Boots: Blue Spero 75.00

Sunglasses. Betsy Johnson 39.00


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